For more information about stoves, gas and electric fires, fire surrounds and more, read our FAQ’s. If your question hasn’t been answered don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are happy to help!

Do you install woodburning and multi-fuel stoves?

We do not fit the woodburners ourselves but we can recommend a HETAS-registered fitter for you.

How efficient are are wood burning stoves?

Modern wood burning stoves are up to 80% efficient. Traditional open fires are only 20% efficient, this shows you how much more heat you will be getting.

Can I burn wood in a multi-fuel stove?

Yes you can burn wood on a multi-fuel stove. This may reduce the amount of room in the firebox area due to the presence of grate and ashpan. If you would only like to burn logs than it is best to get a dedicated wood burning appliance.

What size woodburner do I need for my room?

The heat output of a woodburner is measured in kW, your appliance should give you 1kW of heat for every 14 cubic meters of room space.Measure your room in metres (widthxlengthxheight) and then divide this figure by 14 to give you the heat output that is needed for your room.

Do you have stoves on display in your show room?

Yes, at Wood Burner Centre we have a wide range of woodburners that are available for you to view. You can call us in advance if you would like to know what exact models we have in the showroom.

Do Stoves have to meet building regulations?

Yes. Building regulations cover things such as carbon monoxide detectors, the size of the hearth and the flue, the distance between the stove and combustible items, you must have chimney inspections prior to fitting, and smoke checks after the fitting of the stove to make sure that there are no leaks. You can have a look on the Governments Planning Portal and read the full paper of Building Regulations relating to stoves(Document J).